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LEAF solves your psychological Doubt
We will take all the green recycle products, researching each and every one of the product¡¯s features, and will examine all the details, efficiency and investment benefits, display and put it in figures, to inform you of the differences, and using the high-tech , wireless scientific equipment, to monitor all the green recycle products, we strongly believe ¡°seeing is believing¡± !

We know which details you are particularly mind.
In fact, what we mind and concern is ¡­¡­¡­¡­your satisfaction

Solar energy, how much electricity being generated, how much money has been saved?
Take it easy, the wireless control panel will explain to you accurately how much electricity has been generated, and also the monthly effect of the electric generated. This result will be compiled through the internet passage and then send to our monitor centre (with your permission), and if there is anything unusual, we will keep you informed immediately and you need not worry!

LED really saves electricity? What¡¯s the bill for this month? How long it takes to recover the cost?
The wireless electricity meter panel will notify you in advance your electric bill, in fact, right at the moment the meter is installed, you could even notice the bill differences instantly!

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