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The Smart Home wireless system is so cool? Is it safe to use and cost effective?
Just press the buttons with your fingers slowly, all the pictures, all the figures, will instantly displayed¡ª¡°safety¡±, ¡°healthy¡±, ¡°convenient¡± , ¡°comfortable¡±, ¡°energy savings¡±, ¡°sustaining¡±. Visit LEAF showroom and experience yourself directly the demonstration, by processing you a full set of information.
Green wall, Green fence, what is the value ?
Beside compliments from friends around, you will get the room temperature reading being disclosed to you that your indoor temperature has reduced(according to statistics, every drop of 1 degree is equivalent to a 5% reduction of air-conditioner electricity consumption).

Rain Water Harvesting, what are the benefits?
When the water supply stops, and your house is the only one that still has water to flush the toilet, then you may imagine how convenient it is! At this crucial moment of activating your rain water harvesting system, you will be most satisfied, LEAF wireless remote control system will notify how much water has been conserved , as well as how much has been saved !

The concept of Water Retention/Conservation System
Check this out, why is it that there is no drain in the jungle? Why is it that the trees in the jungle are thriving prosperously with without watering? The answer is, when the nature rains, the soil retains the water ,when the soil is full of nutrients, plants will definitely prosperous; so, when you walk through the jungle, the feeling of serene environment , the soil cooling effect takes place . To make your backyard similar to the jungle absorbing water module, and even adjusting the temperature, just let LEAF proves to you, your backyard will become like the jungle with flourishing living plants.

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