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NanYang Chemical Company Ltd
Established in 1954, mainly manufactured extruded plastic netting. The products which are very comprehensive include packaging netting, industrial products- protective netting , colorful decorative netting, kitchen and bathroom netting, agro-gardening netting, civil engineering netting, necessity anti-slippery netting, and so forth. Its uses are extensive and the products are marketed overseas and locally as well.
50 years of expertise and skills in manufacturing extruded plastic netting, we also manufacture bespoke nets according to customer specifications regarding the length and width , big or small size, colors, and thickness . The company possesses a complete set of automated machinery, constantly making new researches and inventing new products, upgrading the quality of the products; We uphold the trustworthy concept, beyond the customer¡¯s expectation, doing researches to invent new products and this is the direction and the goal of all the staff in NanYang Chemical Company Ltd.

Square shape netting . Vertically Green wall special features
Work Progress, Easily Maintenance, low cost
Square shape netting uses the HDPE as material , T shape three dimensional mesh wire module to stabilize the mould structure and then extruded continuously to make the shape. Square shape three dimension T shape mesh wire can hold firmly any soil layer, very suitable for sticky grass mat and spraying method of planting. Square shape netting has the HDPE structure, can fully creep all over the roots. Permeate drainage pipe is sealed inside the square shape netting for water irrigation system.Vertical green wall uses square shape netting asfoundation,together with the permeate water irrigation system,to ease the work progession as well as maintenance and cost cheaper.

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