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Viking Building Materials Landscape Project
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In recent years, due to sudden global climate changes, experts from all over the world seem to believe that it is because of the effect of the heat released from the cities causing the warming phenomenon to the Earth. Several researches have shown that , improving the greener environment is the best mean to counter the warming effect . Various government departments have imposed certain rules to improve the environmental conditions. But, it is almost impossible to solve this dilemma when the land resources is scarce and priceless. Development projects in the cities cannot compromise with the eco-protection conservational units . This is where the green-wall landscape comes in to bridge the gap.

Wellcan Enterprise has invented the 3 Green walls types : they are
1. Complete Model
2. Economical Model
3. Felt Plant Model ( No cloth spinning)

- Complete Model consists of green wall system with features below :
.1 The structure is simple and can be installed easily by Do It Yourself (DIY) concept
.2 Parts can be replaced separately and will not affect the other parts from operation
.3 Price is low and affordable

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