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Felt Plant Model ( Non-woven Geotextile)
This green wall system has the following features :
Green wall felt plant model is using high quality green, light raw material type. With the chess-type bags, it is easy for gardening and pattern designing .And so making the green wall as a type of art. Because the material is soft in nature, it is suitable for flat surface, round poles and irregular wall faces. It can beautify the monotonous wall and enhance the greening effect and pleasant view. It also purifies the air and beautifies the environment . The material is make up of many layers, the outer layer is the green wall without cloth spinning, displaying pleasant view and filter function . The middle layer has the highest water soluble fiber and tissue to retain water. This makes the plants grow better. The lowest layer is the iron grill which provide supporting role to the structure.

Green wall felt type special features :
1. Unique oval shape with holes, clothless spinning display straight shape, which is difficult to leak .
2. Bag style structure, the surface of it is easy to form shapes, planting work is easy to carry out.
3. Hidden piping holes, the pipes can be hidden in the felt plant model, not only stylish but also fantastic in fountain design.
4. Felt plant has pre-exist screw holes, easy to install.

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