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Capability of Green Wall
1. Anion liberation (water vapour¡¢oxygen molecule).
2. Air purge (indoor air can be purged in 87% within 24 hours).
3. Power saving with heat insulation by using outdoor green wall.
4. Landscaping & Ecological function.

Factors of Green Wall
1. Structure: based on designed system to consider the weight.
2. Receptacles: Monomer Type (1st ) / Brick Type (2nd ) / Monomeric Brick Type (3rd ) / Others
3. Media: cultivated media / absorbent media; normally would be light weight material.
4. Plants: will base on local area, design, result, maintenance and so on to select.
5. Irrigation: micro spray, spray can, micro dropper or other systems; depend on the selection of structure.
6. Illumination: should supply the illumination based on special circumstances (such as indoor environment).
7. Maintenance: maintain cost will relate to the results of factor.

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