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The Tendency of Vertical Greening
1. Enhance the corporate image
Creating green wall is a tendency to globalization. Because it is not only has contribution of carbon reduction but also working towards direction of entire enterprises especially in urban environment. Creating a green wall is the most effective approach of concise and rapid way to upgrade the corporate images by showing their sincerity.

2. Carbon reduction
Due to global climate has been changed within these few years, researchers of international experts believe that the cause of global warming problems came from the heat Island and greenhouse effects so they are trying to set an architectural program with balanced urbanization and ecological environment. Related researches showed that the best way to improve balance is increasing the green ratio. Governments of nations attempt to make the environmental improvement, however it is difficult to enlarge green areas in urban cities, and also there is a big difference between urban development and ecology for expanding green roofs, so architectural green wall will be the important target of complement.

3. Air purge
As we know, plants can produce bactericidal anion due to leaves transpiration, besides absorbing carbon dioxide and creating oxygen what will help increasing the vapor from air humidity. Researchers of NASA found that plants can purge from formaldehyde and toluene toxic gases in indoor air. Professor Deming Ye at the National Taiwan University indicated that green plants can absorb reduce dust pollution from the air. The information of EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) in Taiwan showed that based on overseas research, choosing right houseplants could eliminate 87% of indoor pollutants within 24 hours .

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