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Concept of Linghting
3 Fundamental elements of light:
A.Illumination B. Wavelength C. Cumulated time of illumination
The amount of light (Illumination)
Most plants need large amount of light, but basically each leaf needs 600 lux of illumination to perform photosynthesis. Due to the insufficiency of Illumination at indoor area, plants should have the artificial light to support instead.

The quality of light (wavelength)
There are 3 kinds of light reaction in growing and differentiation for plants which are Photosynthesis, Photomorphogenesis and Photoperiodism. Besides illumination and timing, wavelength is also very important that is spectrum of light output. The main range of wavelength in photosynthesis should be 400~700nm of photon; the wavelength in photomorphogenesis for red light (R) would be 600~700nm; farther red light (FR) should be 700~800nm and blue light (B) will be 400~500nm of photon. The recommendation of artificial light can be Metal Halide Light Source to substitute that will get the better lighting effects besides the growing needs.

C. Cumulated time of illumination
Normally, plants shall need the sunlight from 6:00am till 6:00pm even artificial light for indoor plants still need to have an illumination at least 12 hours a day.

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