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Prevention is better than cure
lants domestication ”śnutrition, enhancer, disinfectant (such as Enssence of fish or algae, Vitamin B, Chitin,Carbendazim, etc) ”ś quality control.

Diseased or Pest
1. In principle, replacing plants instead of using medication.
2. Medication: using highly secure drugs when necessary. (such as pepper water or colorless and odorless drungs); for example - Carbendazim is for spiders (mites), Mannings is for insects (hexapods) what the usage is lower than normal pesticides.

Regular maintenance
1 Routine check-up (once a week):
inspection and supervision for both systems and plants.
2. Minor maintenance (once in every 1~2 months): system cleaning, trimming & replacing plantsplus nutrition supplement.
3. Major maintenance (once in every 6 months): minor maintenance plus pipe cleaning.

Non-regular maintenance
1 Emergency: incident, water and power failure, serious pests and diseases.
2. Disaster (maintain before and after).

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