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1. Control procedure
(1)Manual : once a day or once in every 2~3days
(2)Auto : timer + magnetic valve (once a day or once in every 2~3days)
2. References of water demand
(1)Outdoor : 3~5L/unit per day, depending on the weather
(2)Indoor : 1~2L/unit per day, depending on the season and air-conditioning system
(3)Note : cease the irrigating water when it gets through to the bottom unit(s)
3. Irrigation time : better timing should be early morning due to cool temperature
4. Additional remark : use small amount of water to irrigate it repeatedly if the media had been dried out until the funtion of absorbent media has been fully recovered, then the frequency of irrigation can back to normal.
5. Water demand
(1)Water pressure shall be higher than green wall
(2)Water source shall be stable
(3)The amount of water should be stored for 3 days if using water bucket

1. Each green wall should have water ditch to connect into drainage system, but it has to base on actual needs. TGW provides the water ditch just in case when it is need.
2. Water ditch drainage holes had been reserved for both sides and the bottom. (both sides: 2"; bottom: 0.5").
3. Drainage system from indoor green wall shall be enforced to drain away.

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