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Why Green Home ?
That energy efficiency is high on the agenda of most people is now undoubted. For many, energy measures revolve around the consideration of thermal issues in the building fabric with remedies such as insulation, glazing, and heat loss countermeasures. For others, it is lighting, albeit often constrained to merely installing low consumption systems. All of the above are laudable and necessary, but they are actually only passive countermeasures that largely mitigate energy loss rather than the energy deployed.

Figure1 --->Energy Efficiency for Residential

Current technologies allow us to target 30% savings through efficient usage of energy (see Figure1). In order to achieve this benchmark, an active and managed approach is essential. Lighting control is a good example. According to U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for up to 15% of electricity bills in an average home. There can be substantial savings to be made by turning off lights that aren¡¯t needed to ensure all lights are off when you leave your room or your house. Incandescent lights can be programmed to a preset dim level which not only saves electricity but also extends lamp life (see Figure 2).

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