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It Doesn¡¯t Cost You Too Much

HomeScenario seamlessly integrates its Scenario Hub with lights, electrical appliances, door/window sensors, shades, and HVAC systems in your house. Devices such as light switch, dimmer, motion sensor, thermostat, appliance module, motorized window shades, etc. are applied to generate the green scenarios. Here are just a few examples: Home automation and control used to cost hundred thousands of dollars and many times required the extensive home remodeling/rewiring and the use of a professional contractor to perform the installation. Money, time and efforts were involved in having a home automation system.

Things have changed! Deploying 2-way wireless technology, the HomeScenario solutions can achieve the same or even better integration of automation without extensive remodeling or system programming. Not only can user easily adopt HomeScenario solution to meet their unique lifestyle, but the modular design also enables them to start from a basic set of system and expand as requirements grow. The retrofit installation allows users to invest on green home at any time. Lots of money, time, and installation efforts are saved. Having an energy-efficient, automated home isn¡¯t the privilege for the rich people any more. For mainstream consumers, the investment is limited while the returns are very significant.

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