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How It Works?
Whether you would like to watch DVD at home, or make presentation in the meeting room, just click a scene button on the HSK-100Z portable controller, then everything will be all set. As the control station, the HSK-200Z will receive the command from HSK-100Z and bring you the scenario by automatically turning on the TV or project, DVD player, audio system, then lowering the projector screen and window shades, dimming the lights, tuning the thermostat. You donĄŻt have to worry about picking up wrong remote control, or pressing wrong power key. The scenario will be there as it should be.

Green Switch

Why Green Home ?
That energy efficiency is high on the agenda of most people is now undoubted. For many, energy measures revolve around the consideration of thermal issues in the building fabric with remedies such as insulation, glazing, and heat loss countermeasures. For others, it is lighting, albeit often constrained to merely installing low consumption systems. All of the above are laudable and necessary, but they are actually only passive countermeasures that largely mitigate energy loss rather than the energy deployed.

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