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Intelligent Green Building
Let the combination of technology and nature brings us the best out of our livings, to achieve the basic six major requirements of green living: Safety, Convenience, Healthy, Energy Efficiency, Comfortable, Everlasting.

Our engineering team in Lian Shun Technology endeavors to simplify the vague understanding of green concepts, to be more conceptual based on product design, so that it can easily be understood in terms of its functions and how can it be achieved. With the application of statistical function of the smart home system, performance analysis and reports of solar energy, LED lighting, green vertical walls, green roof, heat pump water heater, and even rainwater harvesting system as well as water retention, all can be demonstrated and reflected directly on your screen, either by using a smart phone or an IPAD. Just touch a few buttons and you are able to experience and enjoy the most comfortable natural environment.

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