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4. Planning and Designing of rain water usage
In cities or buildings, using rain water system is the best way to save water usage. From the daily water usage point of view, flushing of toilet water makes up 35% of the total volume usage. So, if public corporations, schools, residents, hotels, restaurants installed rain water system, whereby rain water is collected , treated, recycled, can then be put to use in flushing toilets, cleaning cars, watering ,cleaning streets, or fill up the public pools, or lakes , all these will help to save a lot of water which otherwise would be ruined.

1. Planning & Principles of Buildings rain water usage.
     A. complete rain water conservation system must include at least the following components.
     B. centralize water-collection region : following the different water storage modes, rain water from the building collection comes from the roof top, and permeated soil as regional water storage.
     C. centralize piping system : t his refers to the joining of water pipes tothe water storage facility.
     D. preliminary handling of rain water : normally the rain falls to the ground is unclean and simple filtration is set up to
          counter it.
     E. simple filtration facility : for better water quality, sand ,charcoal andlive charcoal can be used to remove the residual from the water. Regular cleaning of the facility is required.
     F. water storage facility : the size of the water storage facility determines the success of the rain water recycle system.

2. Recycle and planning of natural rain water usage.
     A. complete usage of existing water drainage region : using existing drainage system to collect rain water.
     B. centralizing water flowing system :directing all drainage pipe to sizable water storage tank.
     C. simple filtration facility : using PE filter system to ensure the user ofquality water.
     D. water storage facility : the size of the water storage facility determines the success of rain water recycle system.

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