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5. Filter Installation
The use of sand, live charcoal are to help to remove any small particles in the rain water . It is install after the precipitation tank. The purpose is to upgrading the rain water texture which is the final filtration. The filter installation chart is shown here., In the process of treating rain water system, filter installation is the final stage to consolidate and up grading the texture of the rain water. So, it is not necessary to utilize all the precipitate tank water after filtration process . Only those amount of required water will be treated at this stage. Installation of rain water filter is restricted by the space of the building. Filter tank can be divided into partial and fully sealed types. Both have merits . For fully sealed type, the cost is higher but it provides better prevention of contamination of water.

6. Sterilization Installation
Rain water is normally used for flushing the toilet , floor cleaning, gardening, and it is not for consumption purpose. But, some people drink it by mistake. Wrongful consumption still happened. To prevent contamination by any bacteria breeding in the rain water storage , air-pump installation is fixed or chemical is added to prevent any sea weeds from thriving in the water and so to keep hygienic and safe level. Therefore the final stage in the rain water treatment is to chlorinate it to kill any tiny germ and attend safe water consumption. After treatment, the water is clean and better quality. In general, the amount of chlorine added between 2-4mg/1 +- is an ideal level and can meet everyone requirement. But, if chlorine is added too much, it will affect the growth of plants and will cause dead to fish. So precaution must be taken care.

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