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Established in 1999, RisingRay has made outstanding achievements in development of optronic materials and integrated design. Over the past 10 years, RisingRay has acquired several important technologies in semiconductor lighting. These are microelectronic components between integrated circuit and mechanical dimensions. When most engineers solve problems only by traditional cooling solutions, RisingRay has already created cooling techniques in micro-thermal aspects. Applying semiconductor techniques to develop semiconductor lighting is the right direction for the third lighting revolution. Development in high power unit LED is also an indicative target. Inventing phosphor for LED lighting is the vital engineering project. The second photometric in light source system is also one of RisingRay's breakthroughs.
With the key technology blueprint, RisingRay has developed outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, consumers lighting, and special lighting application. In the future, RisingRay will devoted itself to continuous development and providing LED lightings to the world, making the world more environmental friendly and economical.

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