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Rainwater Harvesting Brief

1. Preface
Generally due to wide-spread of insufficient drinking water resources facing many localities around the world , and gradually contaminated and damaged . To reach sufficient drinking water supply to all the people in this world , 7 issues were specially brought up for discussion at the Conference of the Earth Summit in 1992, which included the management and development of drinking water , supply and hygienic of drinking water, the textures of water, and the protection of eco system of the environment. Even in 1997, the United Nations also passed through a report regarding the water resources evaluation and warned if no proper measures are taken , by 2050, two third of the world population will face acute shortage of water resources and will endanger the economics, agriculture, development of eco system, and cause public health epidemic and food famine. With this, in 1997, the world organization UNOECD , held a meeting in Australia to discuss the water sustainability usage , technically promote and restraint methods regarding water usage.

2. Special Environmental features of Malaysia¡­

A. Eco system of an island mode
Taking Penang for example, the special feature of this island is that the resources is limited and thus restrict further development. And therefore, proper management of land forms a prime continual project for the island. Sometimes, heavy rain will cause flood and proper collection of this extra water in our rain water system is of great help to reduce flood risk

B. Expansion of economics development mode
Malaysia and international economy are greatly linked together. Each and everyone is inter-related. Because of uncertainty and complexity of the current situation , the views of international eco system, and the trend of free trade have put great pressure to every nation

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