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Products Briefing
During the construction in progress, permeated drainage pipe has a great influence on the quality and safety of the work. The traditional water drainage used mostly the crushed-rock standard to construct. Due to material supply shortage, highly increasing cost; delay in work, and product¡¯s quality control. This is how the Techdrain-pp comes into place and provide confidence to the construction work. It actually makes the construction easier, swiftly solve the water over-flow problem, and thus assure the quality of the work.

Material Briefing
TECHDRAIN PP of water release board is made up of high pressure resistant HDPE plastic material. Water Release Board comprises of 3 dimensional rules of an empty frame and square shape supporting stand or glass shape. It can withstand acidic test, resist biological effect, can stand direct ultra-violet light exposure. TECHDRAIN PP water release board has high pressure resistant element and drainage volume, can be used in various construction compound, to assure over-flow water flowing out . The water release board is applied at the surface of the construction work to filter out the debris and mud which may cause blocking. TECHDRAIN PP water release board uses construction melting method or needle stitching method. Its components are 100% made of HDPE (PP) which produced through high melting and stitching method. It is ultra-violet resistant, high filtration excellent, and piercing proof. No need to worry denting, drainage blocking and cause drainage problem.

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