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What Is Radiant Heat
We all know when light irradiate on the surface of a triangle prism it will be differentiate into 7 colors, and as the radiant heat is one of the light beams it should be able to differentiate into 7 colors in which only the red beam can be seen by human being, it is also named as ¡°infrared¡±.

The 5 Benefits for BIPV Application
- To use the superficial measure of structure effectively
- To replace conventional materials
- To build structures such as roofs, windows, and facades
- To be inherently environmentally friendly
- To allow architectures more aesthetic

BIPV Extended Applications
- The concept of Photovoltaic art wall
- The concept of Photovoltaic Commercial Walls
- The Fusion of Art and Photovoltaic Power

Aesthetic Insulating Solar Module-the Innovative Invention for Construction
Aesthetic Insulating Modules are the ideal for construction, which not only take advantage of photovoltaic to power the devices, but also insulate heat, absorb voice and beautify the facades.

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