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  • Lights automatically turned on when you need them and off when you don’t, e.g.:
    > Lights on/off at preset date/time
    > Lights on/off according to brightness level
    > Lights on/off according to room occupancy
    > Lights on/off according to door/window position
  • Automatically dim lights to a preset level
  • Turn all lights off to make sure there is no light left on
    when you leave home




  • Tune the thermostat to an optimal level that balances comfort vs energy efficiency according to:
    > Room occupancy
    > Season, time of a day
    > Outside temperature
    > Position of door/window
    > Event/scenario setting
  • Control both window shades and thermostat for maximum energy efficiency while still maintaining a comfortable environment in your home
  • Turn on the air-conditioner right before you go home


  • Window shades & blinds automatically open or close according to the sunlight to reduce demands on lighting and air-conditioning system
  • Before turning on the air-conditioner, automatically open/close your windows when outdoor temperature fits your comfort more

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